Son of a Ghost


In this thought provoking and intergenerational collaboration, Robert X Fogarty explores his complex relationship with his late mother Mary Beth Fogarty.

Son of a Ghost’s pieces have been called “mesmerizing, riveting” and “unlike anything the art world has seen before.”

When Mary Beth left earth by suicide after a short battle with cancer, she left behind more than 1000 original works in 2002. X was 18 and just finished his freshman year at university.

“For more than a decade, I’ve wanted to collaborate with her, “ Fogarty says. “I never knew it would turn into building an entire space to tribute her and creating an entirely new body of work, together.”

Son of a ghost is represented by Martine Chaisson gallery and a portion of sales will go to commission other artists to create works celebrating that it’s ok to make work and talk about mental health and wellness.