phlegm is a New Orleans born and based multidisciplinary artist who also penned the mantra “Everything You Love About New Orleans Is Because of Black People.” seen on Afropunk, in Interview Magazine, on the marquee at the famous Joy Theater, shared by New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell and on countless lifestyle accessories

“At this current point, my work serves to exist as a Ritual Drama of my personal Black universe. It serves to more firmly connect my Black spiritual concept of time. Connecting the past to the present and the present to the future. Communally sacred. Personally precious. It attempts to tie all the loose ends of Black ethos, Black influence, Black inspiration into one braid. It is at its core, an affirmation of life. My life, the life of my ancestors, and the life of my community. My work (and by extension my life) makes a production about the necessity and value of Black spiritual presence. A meditation in duality. It is serious and irreverent, heavy and heavenly, calculated and casual. It is dual consciousness.”