Kinsey Doing Things

Kinsey is a multi-dimensional, spectrum-bending, doer of many things. An anomaly in the eyes of convention. As an afro-indigenous human, Kinsey has experienced life at the crux of various societal intersections, as well as the inherent complexities and obstacles that exist within those crossroads. This has manifested as a profound sense of depth that carries into everything they are, everything they do, everything they create. From the lens of their camera, to their expansive collection of visions, to their life-long practice of dance, expression has been a vital component to their continued existence.

The visual art they provided for this exhibition includes one-of-a-kind, sun-printed photographs, using a process called cyanotype. This process is done without the direct use of a camera, and is one of the oldest photographic printing methods in the history of photography. Using a mixture of their own negatives and resurfaced historic photographs of people and moments left behind, they merge living history with the memories of the past. They have also included some of their personal photography, which have been made available by The Mary Beth Hotel through a limited edition run of prints.