Justen Williams

This wasn’t part of the plan… Like not even a small part. Throughout college and the early years of my marriage I wanted nothing more than to be the next big thing when it came to music producers… As things grew in that phase of my life and I started to work on bigger projects I thought it would be a good idea to start recording some of what was going on so I bought a camera. Me being the type of person I am, I hated not knowing how to do something and that started the fire of me accidentally changing careers. Since this happened, I have had the privilege of having photos I have made featured in campaigns both regionally and nationally, widely recognized publications, and key images that represent the culture and love for the city that raised me, New Orleans. As a photographer my favorite thing is using my camera to make the everyday beautiful and I am forever grateful that I can call this my job. When I’m not working or traveling for work you can find me home in New Orleans With my beautiful wife, son & dogs.