Jay McKay

I was a student at a range of New Orleans Public Schools where I discovered my love for art. I enrolled in art classes and also attended New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA). In addition to being involved with NOCCA, I participated in different art activities and programs within the New Orleans Parish School system.

I was introduced into the culture of the historical Mardi Gras Indians at a very early age. At the age of 3 my grandfather handcrafted my first suit leading me until my adulthood were I still follow the same tradition. I now handcraft my own suit. My talent and creativeness within the art field assisted me with becoming a tattoo artist. When I started tattooing at the age of 15 it took my art to another level. From there I began to put more focus into painting on canvas.

I moved to Washington D.C. in 2006 to further my art education after Katrina. My art teacher sponsored me to study African art in South Africa where I stayed with a family in Cape Town, South Africa.

​In December 2015 I presented my first solo art show Retro●Spectiveintroducing a series of paintings geared towards my outlook and life experiences on the ghettos in New Orleans in the 90s. In January 2017 I presented my second solo art show Year of the Camo introducing a series of paintings. I have had the opportunity to present personal art pieces to numerous celebrities and am honored to share my most recent works with you.